Government action on land development needed for economy and environment

Loss of industrial land harms environment as well as economy. Dealing with the problem requires governments take a more aggressive role in protecting industrial land.

When factory owners can make more money selling their land for condos than manufacturing goods, they are going to close the factories, as economist Jim Stanford pointed out in a recent column.

Boeing 787 problems a reminder government regulations protect business as well as the public

For several decades large corporations and the lobby groups they fund have been pushing to reduce government regulation. But as concerns about the Boeing 787 show, when legislation and regulations to protect the public are weakened, businesses can suffer too.

Media reports are linking safety problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to a weakening of government regulation.

Hostess Brands bankruptcy lesson in damage done by focus on short-term returns

The November 29th decision to give the Hostess executives who oversaw the company's collapse a $1.8 million bonus illustrates why a company that had sales of $2.5 billion (US) last year is now being shut down.

While Hostess management are trying to blame the union for the company's collapse, it's becoming clear that mismanagement by investment funds was to blame.

Finance Minister's update shows weakness of federal reliance on resource exports

The larger than expected federal deficit due to declining natural resource prices shows the problem with the federal government reliance on the resource sector to provide economic growth.

According to the federal Finance Minister's November 13, 2012 Update of Economic and Fiscal Projections, falling resources prices are the main reason government revenues will be lower than expected. The drop in revenues is expected to add $5.8 billion to the deficit for the current fiscal year.


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