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Canada Needs a Modern Industrial Strategy

Canada has a long tradition of proactive industrial strategies dating back to the National Policy of our first government.  Today, it's more important than ever that the interests of people and nature be at the heart of industrial and economic policy.


Canada-China investment agreement a barrier to building Canadian economy

The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) will make it difficult for Canadian federal, provincial or municipal governments to use many of the tools used successfully in other countries to create jobs and develop the economy.

Under the agreement, Chinese companies will be entitled to the same treatment as Canadian companies. Chinese companies will also have the ability to appeal to tribunals for compensation if they can argue that federal, provincial or municipal laws or policies affect their profits.

How can the feds support innovation?


Post and article on the problems with using tax credits to support innovation in the high tech sector, the benefits of providing grants or loans, and issues that would need to be addressed with a grant or loan program. (