High dollar hurts non-energy exports

A recent Bank of Canada discussion paper found that exports in half the categories surveyed would benefit from the decline in the value of the Canadian dollar. The paper also listed many of the sectors the Bank of Canada views as being key to Canada's economic recovery.

Post office closures harm rural economy

A recent survey by the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA) found that post office closures in rural communities are bad for business.

Trade deal with South Korea fails to consider whole economy

One of the arguments for a modern industrial strategy is that it would make it easier to ensure the long-term needs of the whole economy come before short-term considerations. The trade deal that the federal government just signed with South Korea is a good example of why we need a modern industrial strategy.

Grain transportation crisis shows hands-off approach doesn't work

In the first full year since the Canadian Wheat Board lost its monopoly on selling Canadian grain, a grain transportation crisis has developed.

The Toronto Star reported that 50 ships are waiting to load grain in Vancouver, while grain silos on the Prairies are full. Japan is buying wheat from the United States instead of Canada.

Replacement of Canadian workers with temporary foreign workers shows program still not fixed

The news earlier this month that 65 Canadian workers on an Oilsands project had been fired and replaced by temporary foreign workers shows that problems with the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) have still not been fixed.

Companies are only supposed to use the TFWP when there are no qualified Canadian workers. Firing Canadian workers and replacing them with temporary foreign workers is a clear violation of the rules.