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Going Forward

A Modern Industrial Strategy for Canada in the face of growing inequality and the rise of precarious work

This paper is a foundational piece for the CMIS. It advocates a change from the laissez-faire approach to Canada’s economy to a planned long-term strategy based on the input from stakeholders such as governments, labour, business, civil society and academia.
It offers recommendations on how to challenge inequality today through progressive taxation and redistribution, protecting and enlarging public services as well labour law reform aimed at the strengthening of unions.


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Spoiled ballots: Trudeau’s broken promise and what to do about it

This paper provides an analysis of the federal electoral reform process since 2015. It concludes that parties who do not benefit from electoral reform (Liberal and Conservative) will not adopt a proportional representation electoral system. Parties that would benefit (NDP and Green) would be much more likely to do so.

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#1 - A closer look at electoral systems

This backgrounder briefly identifies the pros and cons of the 5 major electoral systems. It provides concise explanations to help the reader understand what those pros and cons really mean. Images are used to help guide the reader.

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#2 - The role of referenda in electoral reform: best choice when done properly, otherwise the worst

This backgrounder explains key characteristics of referenda. It focusses on how they can easily be manipulated to favour the status quo. That is why they are used by governments who are pressured to address electoral reform.

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#3 - Why political parties that form government in Canada are resistant to electoral reform

This paper explains why the Canadian parties that form government are very motivated to keep the current First-Past- The-Post electoral system. This system gives Canadian Prime Ministers incredible power. Changing it to a proportional system significantly dilutes that power.

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#4 - An overview of the 2018 electoral reform process in British Columbia

This backgrounder demonstrates that the British Columbia referendum on electoral reform was designed to fail. On the surface it appeared to be fair, but by keeping information low and identifying the status quo option on the ballot, it was all but guaranteed to fail.

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Doing Learning Earning: Enhanced apprenticeship Key to solving Canada's skills crisis

The weakness of Canada's apprenticeship programs is a major reason Canada has a skilled shortage even though over one million Canadians are unemployed. In response, Canadians for a Modern Industrial Strategy (CMIS) have produced a paper, Doing Learning Earning, looking at why more Canadians aren't in apprenticeship programs.

This paper looks at the issues in concrete terms and proposes possible solutions. The hope is that the paper generates a much-needed dialogue around solving Canada’s skills issues – a dialogue we feel is well overdue.

PDF icon Enhanced_Apprenticeship _Key_solving_Canada_Skills_Crisis.pdf

Canada Needs a Modern Industrial Strategy

Canada has a long tradition of proactive industrial strategies dating back to the National Policy of our first government.  Today, it's more important than ever that the interests of people and nature be at the heart of industrial and economic policy.

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