If it wasn’t for bad jobs there woudn’t be any jobs at all

2 people holding a sign, one sign reads Looking for a job and the other sign reads Hire Me!

IT’S TOUGH TO FIND A GOOD JOB THESE DAYS. So tough even the banks admit it. That’s just what the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce did in its latest economics report. Here’s their first sentence, “Is the quality of employment in Canada in decline?” Their answer: “We think so.” NFK!


The 59 tax breaks you won't ever get

Women holding sign that reads "One day the poor will have noting left to eat but the rich."

YOU'RE NOT LIKELY TO MAKE THE CUT. The juiciest income tax breaks in Canada are not likely to be within your reach. You're not likely to make enough to cash in on any of them. It's Catch 22 one more time: only the ones who need them the least, get them the most.


The Broke Generation

Brittany Verge

Kids these days are worse off than their parents were at their age—so badly so, that many cannot afford to have children of their own.

“My worry is that I’m going to be, you know, with college-age kids some day and still paying my loan.”

Brittany Verge

Rule change for filmmakers raises issues about support for cultural industries

Some filmmakers are worried that Telefilm Canada's decision to only provide support to companies that have had at least one commercially successful film in the last five years will make it impossible for newcomers to enter the industry.

Investing in Our Cultural Industries


An outline of the economic impact of cultural industries - $85 billion and 1.1 million jobs - and what is needed to support them. (